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A weekday, weekend, and summer math tutoring service located in Pittsburgh, PA that is dedicated to the development and growth of your child as a math student. The mission statement of my business is to "Share my interest and love for math with the world so that I can inspire other kids to pursue a deeper understanding and comprehension of the diverse topics in mathematics!"


About Me

Hi! My name is Rohan Khera and I am a 10th grader at Shady Side Academy. This year as a sophomore I am taking AP Calculus BC. I have also competed in multiple Math Counts competitions in recent years allowing me to connect with fellow mathematicians who share my love for the subject. My love for mathematics has also allowed me to help those around me who are struggling with math, learn and ultimately succeed in their endeavors. In my free time I enjoy coding games and applications in python, playing soccer with friends, and practicing my photography skills. At my school I am also starting a Punjabi folk dance club!


Tutoring Services

Online Tutorial

Free Trial Session

My free trial session allows you to experience a tutoring session before fully committing to a regular session. At these sessions I will inquire about your child's goals and what they would want to accomplish in our sessions.

Adult Students

SAT Preparation

The SAT is a big part of college applications and the math section makes up half of it! In these sessions we will cover all of the formulas and topics that are found in the SAT. We will also try practice SATs to utilize the skills we have learned in previous sessions!


Prepare to Excel!

If you are interested in preparing for your next year of math or even willing to skip a year ahead this is the right course for you. In these courses I will prepare lesson plans based on your level of math and your goals for the course. 

What my clients say

Sheila V.

"We are very happy with the work Rohan has done with our daughter.  We were concerned that she was falling behind on math and now she feels that she is ahead of the class."

Harbinder L.

"Rohan creates a fun and engaging learning environment for our son that caused him to develop a love for math!"

David A.

"My daughter was able to not only catch up with her classmates, but also excel. Much of that success rests on Rohan's work with her."

My Services

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